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  • A Brief Discussion on Income and Expenditure of Trade Union Fund


    Trade unions are mass organizations formed by the working classes of their free will, and trade unions represent and safeguard the legal rights and interests of the employees

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  • The Effectiveness of Non-competition for Retired Employees


    In February 2022, the State Council issued the National Plan for the Elderly Undertaking Development and the Elderly Care Service System during the 14th Five-year Plan Period The topic of "postponing the retirement age "once again aroused heated discussion among the population

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  • Overseas Retirement and Labor Relations Management for Seniors


    Based on a changing global economy paired with longer life expectancies, many countries are being forced to face the important challenge of a shrinking workforce In recent years, friendlier Asian neighbors such as Japan and Singapore have adjusted the retirement age due to more severe ageing

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  • Overtime Payment under Approval System and Advice


    As a developing country, China has been used to the inertia out of high-speed development of economy and society for a long time In many industries, the phenomenon of...

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  • Observation on Overseas Overtime System


    Overtime is an important part of the labor and employment management process that cannot be ignored by enterprises For Chinese enterprises doing business in foreign count...

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  • Pre-departure Occupational Health Check-up


    According to Article 42 of the Labour Contract Law of the PRC, an employer may not terminate an employment contract pursuant to Article 40 or article 41 hereof if the ...

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  • Occupational Health and Safety in the United States


    The impact of COVID-19 pandemic brings great challenges to the labor and employment in countries around the world The concerns of many countries towards occupational health and safety have also risen

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  • Chinese Workers' Rights Protection in Belt and Road Countries


    As the Coronavirus began to spread globally in 2020, many countries have experienced challenges unprecedented in a century, including political instability due to poorly epi...

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  • Is the rule that employees are not eligible for bonuses valid?


    Bonus, which sounds extremely tempting, may also often be confusing The bonus being issued or not, inevitably makes someone glad and someone not

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  • Identification of Labor Relations in Gig Economy


    In recent years, with the widespread application of network technology, the new business economy represented by the platform economy has developed vigorously, absorbing a large number of labor force from employment and entrepreneurship

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