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  • Legal

    Legal Counsel

    Establish perennial cooperative relations with enterprises, provide legal advice on legal issues in the daily management of enterprises by means of telephone, e-mail, on-site meetings, teleconferences, work reports, etc., give timely and accurate legal advice, draft and review legal documents, and prevent legal risks.

  • Special

    Special Project

    Provide special solutions to a focused problem in labor and human resources, data compliance and personal information, compliance and job-related crimes, investment and corporate governance. Such as the design and review of employee manuals and rules and regulations; Negotiation, investigation and on-site services by lawyers; Special management and crisis management of special employees; Relocation and dismissal services for individual and group employees; Corporate data compliance and personal information protection compliance examination, compliance audit, compliance system construction, etc.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Assist enterprises in dealing with labor disputes. Act as agent and implementation oflabor dispute arbitrations and litigations for enterprises. Assist enterprises to seek auxiliary solutions such as consultationand negotiation, etc. At the same time analyzing the root causes of the cases and giving constructive suggestions to prevent legal risks.

  • Training

    Training Service

    In-depth development of enterprise legal practice courses, through forums, summits, salons, open classes, internal training,etc., provide targeted in-depth practical training for enterprises, and improve enterprises' capacity of legal risk prevention and control.

  • Information Service

    Through multi-level and integrated information products, such as the, the labor law court bimonthly publication, the WeChat official account of the River Delta law court, the daily news push of the labor law, warm tips, etc., promptly provide the latest interpretation of laws and regulations, professional legal Q&A and practical case extracts at the first time, helping enterprises track legal hot spots and difficulties, gain insight into legislative and judicial trends, and facilitate the timely updating of enterprise talent development strategies.